With significant experience in the Norwegian and international waste market, PolyNord is pursuiting of being a creative and dynamic supporter for Nordic waste owners while providing stable flows of goods to international recyclers and producers.


Today's waste markets set high demands to regulatory knowledge and market expertise. Laws and regulations are continuously evolving and the streams in the market turn quickly between different actors and downstream channels. The consequence of an incorrect step could add significant costs and headaches to waste possessors.


With PolyNord's expertise in the foreground, waste owners can rest assured that their waste is recovered and managed in legal and sustainable manners as well as on competitive terms.


As a small and concentrated actor we have a personality and proximity which surpasses many of the giant companies in the same business.

Kristian Svelander

Chairman / Partner

Tel: +47 476 57 230

Email: kristian@polynord.no

Mikkel Haabeth

CEO / Partner

Tel: +47 416 27 187

Email: mikkel@polynord.no

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